Our mission is simple: Help your business do business better.

what we do.

Tip to tail, every facet of your business is important. We treat it that way.


Help foster strategic partnerships with vendors and service providers that best meet your needs.


We are masters of efficiency! Let us help you find the most effective route to reach your goals.


Let us worry about managing technologies that you use, but have no time to deal with.


Specializing in cloud-based technologies and services, let us help get you online!


Losing data is the worst. Let us help you prevent it with offsite storage solutions.


Implementing a new process, program or system? Let us help take the hassle out of rollout and training!


We're not here to take over your company. No project is too small, we're here to help!


Our partners span the globe, so you will never have to feel confined by borders.


There is always a desire to do business better. But how?

who we are

We are business owners, entrepreneurs and nerds. Focused in backend technology and solution creation, we know what it’s like to run a business. Through trial and error… and lots of it… we’ve found an extreme rift between working with a vendor sales advisor, with quota and sales expectations, and a business consultant, who can be much more focused on improving your business and less on making a sale or adding to a company portfolio.

Since these resources were scarcely available to us over the years, we decided to become that voice for other businesses. We don’t give up, don’t crack under pressure. We believe in honest business values, not sales numbers, and in turn that translates to our clients being treated as much more than that. We don’t sell our clients, we become partners in their industry, helping them do and become the best they can be.

why we do it

We’re the people people! Beginning in early 2015 in a small town in Western New York, the focus of our work to that point was simply managed technical services. Through our travels and business encounters, however, it became apparent there was a gap in the market between clients who knew they needed technology, but not how to best implement it, and various available service providers. So, we set out to fill that hole!

We foster relationships not only with clients, but vendors, service providers and other consultants, creating a truly unique experience by combining the expertise and clout of the best minds local business has to offer. From aeronautics to pharmaceuticals, small town diners to religious and nonprofit organizations, there’s no limit to who or what type of business can be a partner. At the end of the day, with a bit of hometown pride and a touch of audacity, our sole purpose is to help businesses succeed.


If we sound like your cup of tea, or you’d like to get a cup of tea and discuss how we might be able to help your business, please reach out to us here!